In addition to photography and film, Charles has worked on a number of art, curatorial, and design based collaborations and exhibitions. 


Bellevue Arts Museum 

“The New Frontier” 

Charles was invited by the Bellevue Arts Museum to curate an exhibit exploring contemporary furniture design from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The exhibit featured physical items produced by twenty-eight young designers working in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. 


Frye Art Museum

Moment Magnitude

Charles was invited as an artist to participate in the exhibit Moment Magnitude at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle.  Building on previous work with his project  “Object,”  Charlie reinvisioned the museum gift shop to become an active participant, blurring the lines between art and commerce, past and present. Site-specific installations were mixed with an inventory of objects from local designers and one-of-a-kind items and antiques that related to the museum’s founding collection (primarily works from the Munich Secession and the Fin de Siecle).  

Emily Counts large wall Jewelry Installation.

Opening Night 2013.



Starbucks hired Charles Schuck to create a set of store displays for a conceptual project called “Starbucks Reserve” that spoke to the four major regions where their coffee is sourced and how they relate to the site-specific store experience. Charlie used a selection of natural objects, historical items, mixed media, and collaborations between various regional artist-makers for these displays. 



Part gallery, part store, Object was initially born as a series of curated salons to celebrate and question new designs from the Pacific Northwest and their relationship to historic craft and new technology. Design-focused art exhibits coexisted with a physical store and residence carrying items from the Northwest and places that had traditionally influenced the region. Featured in The New York Times, Elle Decor, Design Milk,  and Surface Magazine.

Object Store & Gallery

*Daynight Publication by Object 2013. 13 Artists, 9 x 12, 72 pages,
 500 print run.  
(Cover Ashley Helvey by Miles Peterson. Inside image Serrah Russell)

Moon Calendar



Working with the cannabis company Vanderpop, Charles collaborated with his partner Natasha Felker to create a modular store display that could double as a photo set.   


Event display with product

Planning in studio with Natasha Felker



Object Set

Charles worked with Natasha Felker to create two limited-edition boxed objects: a set of candles and a set of brass, glass, and obsidian desk weights.